Meet Your Head of Education

Sharyn Johnston

About Sharyn Johnston

Sharyn Johnston is a highly accomplished and influential figure in the world of tea. With a remarkable corporate career spanning multiple countries, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as the CEO of Australian Tea Masters. Sharyn’s passion for tea led her to establish the company in 2011, which has since become a leading authority in tea training, blending, and education in Australasia.

Global Influence and Experience

Having worked in over 20 different countries, Sharyn’s international exposure has shaped her deep understanding of the global tea industry. Her dedication to education and consultancy is evident in the extensive portfolio of tea courses offered by Australian Tea Masters, which cover a diverse range of topics and cater to all segments of the tea market. From Tea Etiquette to Hands-on Blending, Sharyn’s courses are highly regarded and sought after by tea enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Expertise in Tea and Herbal Blending

Sharyn’s commitment to excellence is reflected in her collaboration with world-renowned tea experts to develop training materials for Australian Tea Masters’ Certified Tea Mastery and Certified Tea Blending courses. Her specialization in tea and herbal blending training, as well as blend development, has earned her recognition and teaching opportunities in prominent tea-loving countries such as Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

Author and Innovator

Beyond her role at Australian Tea Masters, Sharyn is an accomplished author, having written two tea books: the “Tea Sommelier Handbook” and the “Tea Blending Handbook.” Her contributions to the tea industry extend to the development of innovative tools like the “Tea Flavour Wheel” and the “Aroma Training Kit,” which enhance sensory experiences and expertise in tea tasting.Leadership and Recognition

As a respected figure in the tea community, Sharyn is regularly invited to serve as a guest judge at prestigious tea competitions worldwide. She also holds positions of influence as a member of the advisory board of the Tea Masters Cup and as the Head Judge of the Tea Masters Cup International, a highly regarded event held in 25 countries.

Legacy and Impact

Sharyn Johnston’s accomplishments, expertise, and commitment to advancing the world of tea have solidified her reputation as a leading authority in the industry. Her dedication to education, innovation, and the art of tea continue to inspire and empower tea enthusiasts and professionals around the globe.