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Foundation Tea Course

Get started with tea education

This course is expertly crafted for those beginning their journey into the world of tea. It serves as a foundational program for anyone seeking to gain a thorough understanding of tea — covering its rich history, the vast array of varieties, and the art of brewing and serving.

The “Essentials of Tea: Foundation Course” is ideal for:
  • Individuals new to the tea industry looking for a solid introduction.
  • Hospitality workers seeking to enhance their service with tea knowledge.
  • Retail staff aiming to provide better recommendations and improve sales.
  • Food and beverage professionals wanting to pair teas with menu items effectively.

Core Courses

Our Core Courses are designed as the building blocks of your tea education. They provide a deep dive into the essential topics that every tea enthusiast and professional should know. From understanding the delicate complexities of Camellia Sinensis to exploring the nuances of flavor, aroma, and infusion, these courses set a solid foundation. They are perfect for those who are starting their tea journey or looking to reinforce their existing knowledge with a structured learning path.

Advanced Courses

The Advanced Courses offer a specialized trajectory into the finer aspects of the tea world for those who have completed the Core Courses or already possess foundational tea knowledge. Here, you delve into advanced topics such as the biochemistry of tea, detailed cupping techniques, and the intricacies of tea blending and pairing. These courses are aimed at individuals seeking to become experts in the field, enhance their professional development, or simply deepen their passion for tea with a more sophisticated understanding.