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The World Tea Academy offers a comprehensive suite of tea certifications and classes designed for tea enthusiasts and professionals alike. From foundational knowledge to advanced expertise, we provide the education needed to excel in the tea industry.

Certifications Overview

WTA Certified Tea Specialist™: Structured to build basic core level tea knowledge, which is a must-have for tea business owners, managers, staff, or anyone who sells tea in their business. (Required for any Advanced Certifications)

In our Advanced Curriculum, all Advanced tea certifications will require students to complete seven tea classes in their desired designation to earn their tea certification. Students will need to complete their WTA Certified Tea Specialist certification to earn any Advanced Tea Certifications. You can achieve one or more of the following higher-level designations:

WTA Certified Tea Professional™: Devised for tea business owners and individuals who want to advance their knowledge of the tea trade.

WTA Certified Tea Sommelier™: Created for tearoom owners, foodservice professionals, or anyone who serves tea or wants to pair tea and food in their business.

WTA Certified Tea Health Advisor: Designed for spas, nutritionists, dietitians, holistic healing, and wellness professionals that want to have a better awareness of tea’s health properties.

WTA Certified Tea Blender™: Curated to provide the technical tea skills and understanding of the art and science of creating tea blends and customized tea products.

WTA Certified Tea Aroma Expert™: Crafted for the tea professional looking to become a better tea taster, tea purchaser, and tea blender by enhancing their organoleptic and sensory skills.

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