Essentials of Tea: Foundation Course

This class introduces Camellia sinensis and the three factors that make it possible for this one plant to be the source of hundreds of kinds of teas. It also explores the botany of the plant, including the history, varieties, cultivars and cellular chemistry. 

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What your employee's will learn

Boost your team’s tea knowledge with our “Essentials of Tea: Foundation Course.” This course is specifically crafted to equip your staff with a solid understanding and practical skills related to tea. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how your employees will learn and grow:

Elevated Knowledge of Tea Varieties and Origins:

  • Your team will learn to recognize different types of tea, such as green, black, white, oolong, and herbal teas, and understand what makes each type special.
  • They’ll discover the history of tea and how it has been grown and processed in various parts of the world.

In-Depth Exploration of Tea Cultivation and Production:

  • Employees will gain knowledge about how tea is grown in different regions and what makes each place’s tea unique.
  • They’ll learn about the steps of making tea, from picking the leaves to the final packaging.

Mastery of Brewing Techniques:

  • Your staff will understand how to brew a perfect cup of tea, including the right water temperature, how long to steep the tea, and what utensils to use.
  • They’ll learn how changing the way you brew tea can change its flavor.

Professional Serving and Presentation Skills:

  • Discover the right way to serve tea, whether it’s a casual setting or a formal one, and how presentation can make the experience better.
  • Learn how to create a welcoming environment for drinking tea.

Advanced Tea Tasting and Flavor Profiling:

  • Through guided tastings, your team will learn to notice and appreciate the different flavors and smells in various teas.
  • They’ll learn the words tea professionals use to talk about and judge tea.

Understanding Tea’s Health Benefits:

  • Learn about the different health benefits that come with different types of tea.
  • Understand how drinking tea can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Creative Tea and Food Pairings:

  • Your employees will understand how to match tea with food to make both taste better.
  • They’ll experiment with using tea in recipes, showing its potential as a versatile ingredient.


Introduce your team to the world of tea with our foundational online course. Designed specifically for beginners, this program lays the groundwork for understanding tea’s history, varieties, and the basics of brewing and serving. It’s an ideal first step for your staff to build their knowledge and appreciation of tea. Foundational Tea Education:

Our Essentials of Tea: Foundation Course offers a introduction to tea. Your employees will learn about the origins of tea and explore the various types that have been cherished for centuries. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for further learning and expertise in the field.

Flexible Learning for Busy Schedules:

We recognize the importance of flexibility in professional settings. That’s why our course is self-paced, allowing your team to learn at a comfortable speed that fits their busy schedules, ensuring they grasp the fundamentals without feeling overwhelmed.

Perfect for All Staff:

The “Essentials of Tea: Foundation Course” is specifically designed for:

  • Team members new to the tea industry who need a solid starting point.
  • Hospitality staff seeking foundational knowledge to improve service.
  • Retail employees aiming to offer informed recommendations.
  • Food and beverage professionals interested in basic tea and food pairings.
What Your Employees Will Learn:

By participating in this course, your staff will:

  • Develop a solid base understanding of the major tea types and their distinct features.
  • Learn the fundamental techniques of brewing and serving tea to enhance any customer’s experience.
  • Gain the confidence to provide basic yet informed tea recommendations.
  • Receive a certificate of completion, marking their foundational knowledge in the tea world

$1,970.00 USD / year


Courses in this Organisation

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