Certified Tea Professional™

World Tea Academy’s advanced level tea certification degrees offer higher-level learning for the true tea professional.

The Certified Tea Professional™ is devised for tea business owners and individuals who want to advance their knowledge of the tea trade. It is an ADVANCED level tea Certification that gives an overall picture of the tea industry. Each of these advanced tea classes has been written by highly-regarded tea industry specialists and professionals who have generously shared their knowledge and expertise through these classes.

The Certified Tea Professional™ ADVANCED Tea Certification requires the completion of these 7 online tea courses:

ADV.01 Advanced Cupping – Written by Donna Fellman Click to read bio
ADV.02 Understanding the Organoleptic Experience – Written by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace. Click to read Bio
ADV.03 The Culture of Tea Around the World – Written by Dan Robertson. Click to read Bio.
ADV.05 Presentation & Advanced Brewing Techniques – Written by Suzette Hammond. Click to read Bio.
ADV.07 Quality Systems for Product Management – Written by Tony Tellin. Click to read Bio.
ADV.09 Advanced Botanicals – Written by Rob McCaleb. Click to read Bio.
ADV.11 Blending, Flavoring, Scenting – Written by Scott Svihula, Hula Consulting Click to read Bio.

*This class has a prerequisite of Core.06

Please Note: Anyone with a basic knowledge of the six types of tea and the professional cupping protocol can take these classes. But, you must have earned a WTA Certified Tea Specialist™ certification to receive any Advanced Level Tea Certification.